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Everyday something’s

Read books.
Read a lot of books.

Don’t expect anything.
From anyone.

Eat healthy food. Run.
It feels good to be in charge of yourself.

Give as much as you can.
Don’t expect.

Write down your goals.
Work towards fulfilling them.
Strike them off one by one.

Dream : )

Drink good coffee!

Read a lot.

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Imperfections to perfections

I’ve told myself I am perfect quite often. I know you’ve done that too.
Then, I wanted to do everything I do, so perfectly, so properly, that I stopped doing altogether and started procrastinating on a scary level.

After very few blog posts written, even lesser books read, a million thoughts accumulated in my head, I realized that I’d been spending days and days, procrastinating.
And more so, I was scared of my thoughts not being good enough to be written about.

I was, I am scared of not living up to the title of a writer : )

As a writer, I’ve always been worried about two things. 
Not having something meaningful to write about, you know this one already.
And not being able to convey my message well.

After writing for two years, I now understand why I feel like I can’t stick to one topic when I’m writing a blog post. I haven’t been writing enough.
When you do nothing but procrastinate, you have so many thoughts in your head that are waiting to be put down on paper.
But not giving them a let out, only gives you a headache or a messed up article.

I figured that I needed to write, for my writing to not seem jumbled up and all over the place.

As I write right now, I’m worrying about this article not being good enough, being as jumbled up as all my previous ones.

I do want my writing to sound good to you, but more importantly, I want it to sound good to me. Only then do I know, that i’m doing a good job as a writer. If I’m not convinced by my words, I can’t expect you to be.

When we want something to be as perfect as we see it in our mind, we can’t just stand there and expect it to magically happen. We need to keep trying, for it to reach perfect.

And it is true, readers do make better writers.

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Life as we know it

We’re so used to turning to other people for  happiness. We’ve forgotten that at some point of time we will be alone. And that point in time will come way too many times than we think is possible : )

They, won’t be there to make you happy.
You will have to make do with just yourself for company on most days.
You will have to look for tiny nothings that make you smile, what is it about you, the qualities you possess which make you smile at yourself with pride.

Start with spending some time with yourself doing something you like, like reading a book, drawing creepy people, analyzing human behavior.
Sometimes, do nothing at all. Just breathe. Over analyze life, if that’s what you do. Just do what you love.

Do this while you still have people in your life so that you learn to maintain a balance between the world and your tiny world, so that on days when the world crashes, you’ve still got your world to go to, the one you’ve built for yourself.

The more time you spend with yourself, you discover how strong you are, how much it takes to break you, how you deal with a broken version of yourself, how you believe, how you cope.

You will get to know the unknown and probably sometime in the future you will realize that it was this knowledge that actually got you through the mess.

Don’t fear being alone. It’s what’s going to help you grow and get through anything at all.

You’re alone, not lonely.
You’ll know the difference soon enough.

Meanwhile, breathe in the smell of wet mud, take in the cool air and touch the earth with your bare feet.
And if possible. paint your house today : )

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Let’s love again

Each time I disappear for a long time, I come back with a bigger realization than the previous one.
We don’t have forever to do everything we want to.

We’re going to die.
We’re going to get old.
We’re going to give up.

And then, there will be thousands of regrets regarding things you wanted to do, people you wanted to be with, feelings you should have expressed. We leave things undone in the hope of one day, when it may seem like the right time.

Don’t wait for a right time. Now is as good a time.
You don’t have tomorrow. You only have right now.

One can never have enough of love. If there’s one thing you must do, its to love people unconditionally. If not everyone, have at least one person who you love like that.

Nothing makes you feel as happy and content as being able to love unconditionally and being able to express the same.

Take a lot of time out from watching the news and cribbing while cooking for the family and express love.

It doesn’t take much. Trust me.

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There are I don’t know how many billion people on Earth right now, because I admit I’m not good with statistics and math, who are trying to be good enough for somebody else.

There’s one thing I’d like to tell them.
Honey, it ain’t worth it.

Scenario number 1.
No one cares. They’re busy doing whatever they’re doing.

Scenario number 2.
No matter what you do, there will always be someone who’s better.

Scenario number 3.
Your good enough isn’t good enough for them.

Trying to please your mom with that recipe you got off the internet? The salt will always be less.

Wanting to be the best girlfriend by repeatedly expressing your feelings, sexy lingerie and trying to be understanding? Naah, that still won’t help.

Keeping your life on hold to be there for your friends? You’re in for disappointment.

Sometimes no matter what you do, you aren’t going to be able to change a thing. Let alone how people perceive you.

And what’s the point of trying to be good enough for someone, anyone else?
It sure doesn’t make you feel happy, when your efforts are overlooked and considered no big deal.

Why do we try being better for other people? Because we want to be accepted.

Then why is it, that we can’t accept ourselves for who we are?

Why can’t we make an effort to be good enough for ourselves?

Because accept it girl, no matter what you do, you won’t be able to hold his attention for longer than 2 minutes when he doesn’t want to listen.
And there will be someone way hotter than you, for your boyfriend to drool over.

Your recipe won’t be good enough for your mother. Ever.

And you sure as hell won’t be the person your friend chooses to spend time with.
It’ll always be Testes over Besties.

Might as well be good enough for yourself.
Don’t you think?