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Being human in an inhuman place.

The world is a cruel place to live in.
We have things we hold close to us, but one can’t deny just how messed up this place is.

Living a meaningful life is probably the toughest thing you’ll have to do when you’re here.

No one wants you to be a fantastic human being. People don’t want to be loved. Because they’re incapable of doing either. They can’t accept what they can’t give.

Whatever you offer will not be appreciated or valued.
You will be treated like bull crap for being a good human, but you know something? Don’t stop being the best person you can be.

Most people you love, won’t love you back. In fact they’ll make you feel bad for being yourself.

The ones who do love you, won’t be around forever.
You won’t have it in you to stand back up, dust your bum and try to be as loving a person again, right from scratch.
But you’ve got to do it anyway.

Because courage is not the absence of fear, but the knowledge that something else is more important than fear.

The fear of not being loved in return, of not having the one you love around forever will come back to you every now and then. But this world needs people like you, who love with all their heart, for whom being a good person is the most important thing above all.

After being hurt innumerable times, being rejected by people over and over, you won’t believe this, but this world needs YOU.

Because darkness doesn’t drive out darkness, only light does that.
Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.

There aren’t too many people who understand what really matters, why we’re all here.

Be exactly the beautiful human you are today, because this world needs you.

More importantly, be what makes you happy because the day you look into the mirror, you want to be able to smile at yourself and know that you wouldn’t have done anything any other way.

The world will screw you over, but be the best person you can be, so that the day you look back, you’ll be proud of the person you’ve been all along.

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Are you strong?

Strength till date has always been measured in terms of who can beat the shit out of more people or who can lift more weights.

What exactly is strength?
Wait, I’ll tell you. Strength is the capacity each of us have to withstand great force or pressure, says Google.

So if this is strength, then I’m already a lot stronger than you are, because I’m born a woman.

I’ve been told to take shit almost daily. Because supposedly that comes with being a woman.

Like pregnancy and periods weren’t enough, I’ve been asked to treat sexism as a part of life. Oh sorry! As a way of life.

I’m supposed to be okay with you telling me that I bring rape upon myself by wearing what I please. Actually, it must be a compliment you’re giving me, that I make all men sin. Sweet!

Just a tiny question. All of you who give me advice on what to wear and where to go, how exactly are you different from those eyes out there, when all you’ve been doing all day is oggle at various pairs?

You might need those muscles to prove how strong you are. For me, my knowledge is enough.

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Says who

Since forever, gender roles have been written down by god alone knows who, though I’m pretty sure it was a male. And are being followed by society till date.

Whether you follow other things or not, this you follow religiously, without reasoning it with yourself.

Why aren’t you putting your education to use? Why are you being a part of gender discrimination?
Which subject teaches you to think of yourself as superior? Which religion preaches that you’re above the female gender?

And if its not taught to you, why do you decide what women HAVE to do?

All beings were supposed to be equal. Weren’t they now? Is this your definition of equality?

Are you punishing them for having a beautiful body which you usually can’t get your eyes off?

Is that their fault? Just because they aren’t as physically strong as you, and don’t let you think clearly. Not like you use your brain anyway.

Isn’t that horribly wrong of you? Don’t you feel pathetic?

Don’t you feel the need to apologise to every woman you know?

What gives you the right to decide what she should do? Who are you?

Would you be okay with society deciding what you should do in your own house? With your life? With your career?

And not to forget, would you be okay with anyone deciding what you should WEAR? Because you know, you’re distracting too many people with that muscle gripping shirt you’re wearing.
Please change!

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Don’t you worry child : )

Life as you’ll know gets pretty unpredictable. And before you know it, you’re walking down a path its laid out for you.
On most occasions, you can’t get a grip of what’s happening, at the turn your life is taking.
And maybe, you might never be able to. That feeling is extremely unsettling. But probably a few years down the line, when you look back, you might be able to connect the dots. You might be able to figure why whatever happened, happened, how it affected you and how it slowly helped you build a path to the way out. And maybe then, it’ll all look worth it.

Also, you don’t realize how much of a control freak you’re becoming day by day in the tiny things you do.
You might want something to go a particular way, and it just won’t. In your mind you know its tiny, but you make it seem bigger, more important than it actually is.

We give so much importance to the most irrelevant things that we do everyday, that we forget what’s really important.
We need to understand that sometimes, things won’t go our way; What we want the most, we won’t get.
Life will take its turn.
And those times we need to tell ourselves that its okay.
It’s going to be fine.
Its not a big deal.
And heaven’s got a plan for us : )

And maybe one day when you’re seeing clearly you’ll realize that some of your wants were stupid and not that important.

Because in the end, it all comes down to how much you believe in what you say, in what you do and in what you stand for. Nothing else matters except belief.
And when you truly believe, you know that one day, its all going to be a happy.
So until then why not live it all, even with the imperfections!
Why not make the most of every single imperfection that comes your way?
After all isn’t it said that the best time is the journey and not the destination?

Please remember: You are imperfect permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful : )
Quoting Amy Bloom.

Also here’s a link to a really fabulous post by Malti Bhojwani, on
Its beautiful : )

Until next time : )

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A look into my world

It’s been a while since I’ve started blogging and I realize that I haven’t written much about the few people who make my life worthwhile.
These guys have seen me grow, seen me make the transition from teenager to crazy adult.
I’ve had them by my side
They’ve been there no matter what
As they’ll always be : )

This post today, is for them.
Thank you guys
Thank you for being there
Through my ‘I don’t know what I’m put here for’ phase.
Which has lasted 21 years : )

Life has been pretty damn amazing
Mine wouldn’t be this entertaining without you guys in it : )

My awesome people ❤

Three forever’s : )

 love you Maa and Pa : )

hat’s us : )

es, she’s a hottie ❤

north trip sim manali 143She loves me to no end : )
We share all our clothes (Yes, we’re awesome.)

Image0094He was a rockstar : )

IMG-20130116-00408That’s our best photo : )
I love you two :*

484226_458922580847309_2142164002_nThat’s us.
Our entire gang : )

IMG-20130511-WA000Esh : )
From 16 to 21 : )
Come sooon
I miss yoou

17143_363044755012_566730012_10118816_2892311_nProm night with Eshita Durve ❤

17143_363064225012_566730012_10119001_1014187_n: ) Saloni Maru
I’ve known her ever since she’s known herself

16231_303614870012_566730012_9469170_1706654_nThree of us : )

IMG-20130326-WA004We’ve had our share of up’s and down’s
And yet together we are : )

IMG-20121021-00073That’s Aash : )
And us  re defining us : )

IMG-20120923-00354Ronak, Kesh, Aash, Saloni, Atman and I : )
The beginning of board games and well, a lot of fun : )


Atman Dhruva : )
You’ve been there like nobody else : )
(I’m on the 9th episode of Big Bang, fyi)

Screen_20130110_015252They bond like they’re girlfriends *rolling eyes*

IMG_6978: ) P and Nidd
Will I love you suffice ?

IMG-20130331-00884Thank you
For making me more than what I am, each day.

IMG_3570: )

396714_10151236508893116_592397897_nI love you, you and you ❤
A whole lot

374393_10152313948870483_2006438289_nLife sucks when he’s around. Cause he’s a reminder of how short I am
I love him none the less : )
Karan Shah : )

421254_10151293580065483_703590482_22663075_1650938856_n 00000Lovvve : )

2012-07-20-1938: ) Pisceans forever ❤
Ankit Chheda : )
From then to now : )

IMG_3298Kunal Rao : )
I’m not just a pretty blonde after all : )

430459_10151383900395013_313685136_nManali Doshi : )
F.Y. and S.Y. wouldn’t be possible without you
Thank you ❤

IMG_3323Sanchit Kallamundkur
I had to facebook your surname yet again  : )
College wouldn’t be the same without you guys : )
Thank you ❤

556411_3705677420066_1119559456_nSahil Shah : )
We live 3 buildings away since we were 10 but never spoke to each other until 2 years ago
Maal paani Sahil ( Sherley and I will remember) : D

IMG01652-20110825-1604Varun Mohan Kumar : )
You’re a doctor and 28 and yet you made me feel like we’re bff’s : )
Thanks DaddyDarling : )

lalalalSubramaniam Naidu  : )
I don’t need to describe you. You cannot be described : )
I love you
Thank you SO much for everything
You’ve been a teacher in the true sense : )

IMG-20130604-01302Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf  : )
My lover ❤
I louuu you

sssAnd this is me : )
21 and fat
Well, nevermind about that
I love myself either way ;;)

These people here ?
I don’t need to talk to them everyday. I know they’re there : )
They’ve made me who I am today
They make my world

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I ? i’m woman.

I am woman.
I’m strength, emotional strength
I’m brave.
I strive till the end.

Menstruation. Pregnancy. Menopause.
I get through it all.
Live a life full of
Shame ?
Harassment of every sort.
I’ve never seen equality.
I know not what it is.

I’m born to be domestic help.
Have no ambitions, no life to be led.
I cannot dream, I cannot rise
I cannot speak, I cannot mind.
Because I’m woman

If I stand up for myself I’m called names
If I don’t, I’m raped by a James
I’m supposed to take it all.
Because I’m woman ?

I’m human, like you.
I can’t be tamed. I should not be tamed.

I’m just another woman. I take it all.
Yet, I give it my all. To you.
And you,
You bring me down
Why ?
Because I’m woman ?

I’m helpful
Yet I’m helpless : )
I’m thoughtful, I’m called thoughtless
Troubled and ugliest

I’m not wicked, I’m wonderful.
I’m simplicity, I’m beautiful.
I’m modern, I’m mysterious.
I’m nervous, I’m numerous.
I’m soft, not so strange.
I’m the Other.
Not to be caged.

I am determined.
I have courage.
I’m wise.
I now have what it takes.
I’m energetic, I’m enthusiastic
I do not what is man made.
I’m faithful, I’m fierce
I’m friendly.
Never again to be frightened.
I am woman