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Do you like you?

We’re all running everyday, trying to keep up with people so that we belong somewhere.

We bend a little in the beginning, soon before we know it, we reach a point where we have nothing more to offer, we’re so spent : )

What is the point?
Changing who you are for anyone, so that you belong? Shouldn’t people like you for who you are?

The need for change comes into the picture when you feel that you’re not liked for who you are, by the people you want around you. If they had to like you, they would. By changing yourself into something that you think they want, you aren’t doing yourself any good.
You’re superb the way you are.

Because, what we fail to understand is; It’s not our fault if the one’s we want to be with, don’t like us. It’s not!
There’s no why, how, what can I do about it!
Some people will like you for who you are, without changing you.
Some won’t at all, whether you change to please them or not.

Only if we had an answer to everything, but we don’t.
There’s no point of hurting yourself by looking for why people don’t like you. And there’s no solution too.

Fat, thin, super skinny, it’s your choice, don’t let anyone else decide for you.
Whether you want to wear Ruby Woo or something else on your lips, don’t alter yourself for another person to please them. Because, probably they’ll like you with the changes you’ve made or they’ll continue to not like you, irrespective of what you’ve done to please them, you’re forgetting the main point, do you like you?

No one will know you better than you. Please yourself.
Wear bright lipstick if that’s what you like, put on sexy lingerie just for yourself for once.

You’re the only constant thing in your life, don’t you think you rather worry about whether you like you?



Through Indecisive Decisions, I talk about those little things in life that most of us don't pay heed to. Any sea facing place, coffee and a book is all I need : )

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