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Diwali :)

For years now, I didn’t understand why we’ve been celebrating Diwali. In India, festivals are celebrated like there’s no tomorrow.

How we celebrated Diwali during all these years didn’t make sense to me now – getting together with people you don’t like but have to meet, taking the effort of preparing sweets for guests, waking up early and decorating the house with all the decor bought in the year.

Being so excited to draw pretty rangolis and failing each time, lighting up the entrance to the house with a lot of diyas : )
Welcoming guests with so much enthusiasm, hating the loud noise but being in awe of the sky at the sight of the colourful fire crackers and bursting only the small crackers, because we were way too tiny for rocket bombs.

Diwali looked very different back then.
Once the brain started thinking about the why’s, nothing made sense again.
Why meet family we’re not fond of, pretend to be excited and paste on a smile, only to go home and start talking about the evening.

Why we burst crackers, waste so much electricity, because Lord Ram had returned to his kingdom all those years ago?

And trying to put your point of view across to family, ends up as just that, a point of view you’re supposed to keep to yourself.

After obsessing over the why’s for a couple of years, I realized that everything doesn’t have to make sense.

You can celebrate something without questioning the reason behind it, by celebrating it in the way you please. Because celebrations are a source of happiness. And Diwali is just that : )

Decorating the house because it makes you happy and not for the guests coming home.

Taking a break from a mundane life, from tv and too much thinking to dressing up in Indian salwars, putting up a lantern, decorating the verandah, eating a lot of sweets.

You’re asked to forget the wrong for a while and celebrate what’s right : )
What’s the harm in that?

Because we’re all struggling with something or the other every day.
Living in India gives us multiple occasions, where we put the worries aside and live in the moment, even if it’s for a few days.

Probably, Indians celebrate any festival with so much vigour because we’re all finding a way to just be happy, in spite of everything.

We’re looking for happiness in the little things in life : )



Through Indecisive Decisions, I talk about those little things in life that most of us don't pay heed to. Any sea facing place, coffee and a book is all I need : )

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