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Imperfections to perfections

I’ve told myself I am perfect quite often. I know you’ve done that too.
Then, I wanted to do everything I do, so perfectly, so properly, that I stopped doing altogether and started procrastinating on a scary level.

After very few blog posts written, even lesser books read, a million thoughts accumulated in my head, I realized that I’d been spending days and days, procrastinating.
And more so, I was scared of my thoughts not being good enough to be written about.

I was, I am scared of not living up to the title of a writer : )

As a writer, I’ve always been worried about two things. 
Not having something meaningful to write about, you know this one already.
And not being able to convey my message well.

After writing for two years, I now understand why I feel like I can’t stick to one topic when I’m writing a blog post. I haven’t been writing enough.
When you do nothing but procrastinate, you have so many thoughts in your head that are waiting to be put down on paper.
But not giving them a let out, only gives you a headache or a messed up article.

I figured that I needed to write, for my writing to not seem jumbled up and all over the place.

As I write right now, I’m worrying about this article not being good enough, being as jumbled up as all my previous ones.

I do want my writing to sound good to you, but more importantly, I want it to sound good to me. Only then do I know, that i’m doing a good job as a writer. If I’m not convinced by my words, I can’t expect you to be.

When we want something to be as perfect as we see it in our mind, we can’t just stand there and expect it to magically happen. We need to keep trying, for it to reach perfect.

And it is true, readers do make better writers.



Through Indecisive Decisions, I talk about those little things in life that most of us don't pay heed to. Any sea facing place, coffee and a book is all I need : )

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