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Life as we know it

We’re so used to turning to other people for  happiness. We’ve forgotten that at some point of time we will be alone. And that point in time will come way too many times than we think is possible : )

They, won’t be there to make you happy.
You will have to make do with just yourself for company on most days.
You will have to look for tiny nothings that make you smile, what is it about you, the qualities you possess which make you smile at yourself with pride.

Start with spending some time with yourself doing something you like, like reading a book, drawing creepy people, analyzing human behavior.
Sometimes, do nothing at all. Just breathe. Over analyze life, if that’s what you do. Just do what you love.

Do this while you still have people in your life so that you learn to maintain a balance between the world and your tiny world, so that on days when the world crashes, you’ve still got your world to go to, the one you’ve built for yourself.

The more time you spend with yourself, you discover how strong you are, how much it takes to break you, how you deal with a broken version of yourself, how you believe, how you cope.

You will get to know the unknown and probably sometime in the future you will realize that it was this knowledge that actually got you through the mess.

Don’t fear being alone. It’s what’s going to help you grow and get through anything at all.

You’re alone, not lonely.
You’ll know the difference soon enough.

Meanwhile, breathe in the smell of wet mud, take in the cool air and touch the earth with your bare feet.
And if possible. paint your house today : )



Through Indecisive Decisions, I talk about those little things in life that most of us don't pay heed to. Any sea facing place, coffee and a book is all I need : )

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