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Constant Choices

Every day, each day we find ourselves wanting more from life, from ourselves, from others. That’s a never ending wish list!
We blame life for everything we don’t have and everything we want.
Whine about it day in and day out.

When we meet people, we discuss what we want from life, what we don’t have and then there’s the talk of ” Probably sometime later in life. ”

At each point in this process we’re all aware that by not acting upon what we want to acquire, what we want to Be, we choose to blame. We choose to crib.

Quite a few times, these choices are so quietly made by you that the rest of you won’t realize that you’ve made a choice.

In turn, we choose to feel miserable every day. Why do we do that? When we know that the power to achieve something we want for ourselves, only lies with us.

We don’t act! We’re not quick. We’re stupid slow people.

Who does that affect in the end? God? Universe? Your neighbour? No, I’m sorry. It’s you!

Let’s not hold an external force accountable for what we want for ourselves and from ourselves.

When you have the power to choose, choose right. Don’t crib about it after.
By not working towards what you want to Be, you’re choosing to not act. And that’s still a choice. And it only affects you in the end.

Sometimes, we really want to do something, but we think we’re not ready for it. What do we do then? Wait for something to make us ready?

Not being ready, is just a state of mind. And sometimes you’d probably just start what you want, than wait for a day when its the right time. Because eventually everything works its way through. It all falls in place. Doesn’t it?

Begin on your journey, however long or short, because that in turn is a stepping stone to your future.

Make the choice. Isn’t it amazing that you have the power to get everything you want?

Have the courage to work towards it. Take that step. It doesn’t take a lot.



Through Indecisive Decisions, I talk about those little things in life that most of us don't pay heed to. Any sea facing place, coffee and a book is all I need : )

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