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Little Things That Count


I’m happy. I’m very happy and I don’t have a list of reasons as to why I am.
Its that pure, complete, absolute happiness which cannot be contaminated by others.

Finding extreme unimaginable happiness out of little things has been me since 1992.
This one day I remember clearly. I was 10? It rained really heavily in the morning and school was shut for the day. Like any other child that age, I was overjoyed. But that isn’t the happiness i’m talking about. Mom made us, my sister and I, wear long pretty cotton dresses.

Mine, in particular was white with tiny blue floral print : )
I could feel the rain on me. It fell in right through the window. That! That moment I still remember. The breeze coming in from all sides, that white-blue cotton dress, the rain over my face and me dancing all around that place. It is an unforgettable memory printed using permanent ink inside my mind : ) Unforgettable unattainable

I like being happy. There is no other way to be.
There is no better way to be.
Why be anything else when you can be happy ?

Knowing pure happiness is possible only when you experience it.
I’ve had my share time and again. Switzerland, finding my place when i found the church at Interlaken, and my many trips to that unimaginable place.
The serenity, beauty and solitude

Playing football in the rain with a basketball and the feeling of a broken leg : )
This one being when I was 10, again ?

Sitting by the river with a beautiful view all around.
Trying to pen it down in the tiny book you got along : )
This summer : )

Happiness doesn’t come with an expiry date. It doesn’t come with do’s and don’ts. And definitely not with an instruction manual.
What stops you from being happy then ?

It’s the little things that counts.
Find happiness in what you see, what you feel, what you get, because from where I see it we’ve all been given a whole lot.
The never ending sky, its changing colors. The rain, its unpredictability. The clouds and it’s movements. There! I mentioned three amazing things already without thinking much about it.

Be happy Now.
Don’t be lazy : )

Because remember?
There’s no other way to be : )

p.s. Watch Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani.
It’s beautiful : )



Through Indecisive Decisions, I talk about those little things in life that most of us don't pay heed to. Any sea facing place, coffee and a book is all I need : )

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