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I hadn’t slept well in 2 days. Making plans of overdosing on sleep post 2pm today, I left for college to give my board exam, which the entire T.Y.B.A. English Literature was fretting over.
I repeated to myself for the nth time, the few sentences that kept me going alll of last night.

You’re doing all you can.
You’re doing this for yourself.
You’re learning from it
No matter what.
Do what you can, leave the rest to God.
Believe you’ll remember
Have faith, that right it’ll turn out for sure : )

I started with revision and as all revisions go, I dint have enough time to finish seeing it all. Taking a deep breath, I told myself I’ll be fine. Got my answer sheet, colored the dots, and vrooooom I went with my pen; going crazy on my paper.
I wrote like a mad man and got donne with it.
No paper 5 – History of Language everr again : D
(That’s a different story that it still doesn’t sink in.)

Now coming to the point.
On my way back home, I saw this woman on the train. She looked angry.
Probably tired, frustrated AND angry ?
I observed her for a while and realized how nice she’d look with a smile on her face. I thought of walking up to her and saying the same but I dint know how she’d take it. I kept procrastinating for a short time. Then I look at her, and she’s taking a power nap. Wow!

Relief happened. I wouldn’t have to approach her now. I couldn’t wake her up to say something like THIS right ?
(I’m just a coward. I suck at telling people things) I grabbed my belongings and got ready to get off.

She woke uppp.
She got down with me at Dadar.

More procrastination.
Should I, should I not ?
I’d never done something like this.

Asking someone why they don’t smile? Well we don’t walk up to people every now and then and have a conversation like that you know?
I called out to her.
“Excuse me ?”
She turned around. “Yes ?”
I just saiiid it without thinking this time. “Don’t you like smiling ?”
(She’s taken aback.)
I went on “I’ve been noticing you for a while and you looked pretty sad.”
She says, “Oh no! I’m just really tired. Long day : )”
“You should smile more often, it would definitely make your day better : )” I said to her.
She smiles her big smile and says to me, “It was really nice to meet you.”
I smiled back and said, ” Same here. Byye.”

I had a big grin throughout. Until I got home, and for the rest of the day, it just didn’t leave my face : ) Infact, it only got wider and wider
Not everyday do you do something this crazy : )
It was the start.
Of many such more

This is what I wore that day.
Purply-Psyched : )



Through Indecisive Decisions, I talk about those little things in life that most of us don't pay heed to. Any sea facing place, coffee and a book is all I need : )

3 thoughts on “Purply-Psyched

  1. Such a nice deed.. I’m happy people like you still exist.. The very thought of walking up to the lady and telling her something like this with no knowledge of how she’d take it or respond is bravely admirable.. A smile and asking other people to do the same goes a long way in their day or probably would make a difference in their lives as well, you never know.. 🙂

    1. Thank you 😊
      I hope I’ve made it count in yours!
      You’re a fantastic person and I really wish you’d be that person out in the open, so everyone could see just how amazing you are!
      You’re so so so much more than what you like your people to believe 😊
      Let it show 😊
      Smile at them all!

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