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Discovering yet again

I’m smiling ever since I first decided what to write about today.
I don’t know why, probably cause what I’m going to talk about has been on my mind since quite a while : )
Its a good realization : )

My T.Y.B.A English Literature, month long board exams got done today (big smile).
While my classmates were on about how bad they feel about college being over, they’d miss this and that,
I repeated to myself what had been going on in my mind, a lot of times during the course of the year.
I wouldn’t really miss college. The ones I’d want to be in touch with, I will be. And the others, well I’ll say I’m glad this year’s over. I could start the journey of building myself now : )
No more have to’s and can’t do’s : )
How nice is that !

And more than anything, this year had been a rediscovery : )
I might not have had many memories in college, but I re-found and remade the old ones.
I might not be known as such in college in these five years but I am known correctly now to the ones who matter : )
That’s more important to me.

I’ve made mistakes, learnt my lessons. Been there, done that.
Now, I get to rediscover myself : )

To new beginnings : )
How I love them : )
they’re like an early morning lemonade; weirdly refreshing : )



Through Indecisive Decisions, I talk about those little things in life that most of us don't pay heed to. Any sea facing place, coffee and a book is all I need : )

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