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Happily ever after

Gone are the days when it all began with once upon a time. Now each story begins with just like last time.

Girl meets boy. Scenes of falling in love. Yess all fantastic, very good. Boy takes girl home. And there goes all the love, right out of the window. She’s asked if she can cook, clean, sweep, sing, dance. Now she’s asked which area she lives in, whether there is parking space around her house, and also to show her father’s balance sheet. How the woman really is does not matter anymore.
Then comes the part where the families meet. After the questionnaire, the wedding dates are set and one year of show off and insane amounts of shopping later comes the wedding day and also the day when your father is bankrupt. After an evening of only smiling at people, you’re packed up and sent away to a far faraway land which is called Happily Ever After.

What happens after this ? Answer: Shit happens.
Okay sorry. Keeping my views towards marriage aside, what really happens after you’re married and expected to manage a whole new house, a HUSBAND and an entire new family? What about your actual family with whom you’ve spent twenty-something years ? Living with them you don’t get to do, meeting them few times a week is the most it can be and you deal with it.
Now comes the point of writing this post. What happens to your relationship with the love of your life ? Does it stay the same as it was before you tied the knot ? Ofcourse things change, both of you have responsibilities, new roles to fulfill but despite all of that does he manage to make time for you ? Treat you the way he did before ? Look at you the way he looked earlier ?
Does he give you all that he had promised he would ? Which included lots and lots of love. Or is it like the treatment you received before v/s being taken for granted after ?
And if that’s the way it is, then why get married in the first place ?

He has a life of his own post marriage too. A job, his friends, his beer. A wife, his mother who cooks his favorite dish and overlooks all his wrongs. You cannot forget to mention his precious Manchester United Ltd.
You on the other hand, your life post marriage ? A job you get to keep ONLY from 9 to 5 until you’re pregnant. Oops, not even that because if you have work at 9 a.m. who will make lunch ? Haww.
Also once you are pregnant you aren’t allowed to work. Only sit at home and entertain society ladies who come to see your big round stomach. Your family, your best friends and kitty parties becomes your life then. Oh and no love too.
What exactly happened to the love, one will ask. Well, it disappeared.  

So it is really happily every after or happily never after ?



Through Indecisive Decisions, I talk about those little things in life that most of us don't pay heed to. Any sea facing place, coffee and a book is all I need : )

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