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Misfit or not.

There comes a time in life when we decide what is more important to us. Always wanting to fit in or accepting the fact that sometimes we may stand out.

I’ve always been someone who likes a little of this and that. Like what goes on in class, along with discussing what to wear for the party around the corner, critically analyzing what someone is wearing as well as dropping compliments to absolute randoms. Wanting to play and watch sports and also learn classical music. Read a lot on mythology as well as mills and boons. Wearing short shorts as well as sarees. Is it necessary that a person wearing the fullest of clothes is well mannered and has a sense of right and wrong ? And the one wearing short clothes doesn’t ? Who you are,what you believe in cannot be decided by what you wear.

Why can’t one be an everything person ? Why either..or and not this, this and that ?
People are categorized into different groups in different walks of life. In college, we have a lot of stereotyped groups such as the nerds, dancers, athletes, exchange students ,fashionistas. And one just cannot be more than any one of these things, according to whom ? Well,no one has an answer to that. What if I am a jazz funk dancer AND a classical singer ? Someone interested in classwork AND one who loves dressing up ? Does one have to necessarily be a nerd to enjoy what goes on in class ? Cant we just be normal people interested in different things? Is it only the one quality that has to be the deciding factor of whether one fits in or not? What’s so wrong in being the kind of a girl who likes wearing shorts as well as sarees ? Why are we made to pick between the two ? Can’t there be people who like a little of this AND that ? Who like a blend ?

I know I can’t be only one of these things. Because everything that I like is what makes me, ME. So do we have to stop being who we are, what we like just because people don’t accept us for the same ? Just because they don’t let us fit in ? And fit into what ? The stereotyped groups made by God-alone-knows-WHO, which doesn’t even accept you for being something more than what the name suggests.
I’d rather be an everything girl, do what I like doing and be Who I want to, even if it means that I won’t fit in. Because I’d rather stand out for who I am, than pretend to be who I’m not in order to fit in.

Every one wants someone to hang out with, someone to talk to but what if the person we want to have a meaningful conversation with doesn’t even want to listen to us in the first place ? What do we do then ? Well,I’ve heard somewhere that you attract not what you want but who you are. Each one of us is destined to gel with a particular kind of people. And the person we want to talk to might just not be one of them.
So you feel bad for a month. Okay even a few months if YOU consider him/her close. But that needs to soon become a week and gradually a day because there are SO many people out there who you haven’t ever met, ever seen. It isn’t guaranteed that the next person you feel close to might be one of the people you’re meant to hit it off well with but sooner or later that person will come along and before you know you would’ve met so many such wonderful people : ) That you now would be surrounded by the ones you probably could count on.

There is a meaning to everything, all of this. Even to not fitting in. No one can see beyond the horizon of their own lives. We are threads in the great tapestry of time. We just need to have faith because every stitch has a reason.
Everyone stands out sometime or the other.
If you haven’t hit it off with most people yet, probably you’re just meant for someone better : )
It works out for everyone in the end : )
Sooner or later, I know it’ll workout for me too : )
Until then,
Misfit and proud : )



Through Indecisive Decisions, I talk about those little things in life that most of us don't pay heed to. Any sea facing place, coffee and a book is all I need : )

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