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Plan B

Is there anyone at all who doesn’t feel the need to take a break ?
Nothing can be done for too long. Just like the break we take after studying for two hours at a stretch (I took one after every half hour, hope my professor isn’t reading this). Daily life feels like a drag after a while no matter how many changes you make to it. And that is your cue for taking a break. It does not matter how long/short it is. On days when we don’t have that much time on hand, a simple lunch with a friend or even some time alone can do wonders. All you need is a change in atmosphere.

One must take a lot of breaks, as life becomes extremely boring and dry otherwise. How does a break help ? Well, firstly your mind is at rest, you’re not worried about work, submissions or your next project. Depending on how stressed you are, you pick what,where and when. It can be anything you have been wanting, longing to do. That’s what I do atleast. A break does not necessarily have to be about getting out of the city.It could be anything and anywhere, all depending on what appeals to you.

We’re so caught up with work and our daily life that we forget to pamper and love ourselves. Having a nice long shower with some music, cooking a nice meal for myself or calling for some food, giving myself a pedicure , watching an all time favorite movie with some popcorn, reading a book 😀 are some things I indulge in every time I need some me time. Have I mentioned that painting your nails REALLY makes you feel good ? All of these things leave me feeling so rejuvenated and are so effective. You might not always want to stay indoors. And at such times doing something random and spontaneous, something fun and silly always feels good. Like having a dress up party with your friends,going to Maratha Mandir to watch Dilwale Dulhaniya Ley Jaengey, oh that one I reely want to do. Then you could read tinkle and archie comics, sit with your sister’s Jumbo colouring book, or simply playing in the rain.

Then there are those breaks you decide to take where you totally could do with a change in location. What do you do when you visit a new place ? Would you rather stick to the places you’re shown by the guide, asked to visit by friends and relatives who’ve been there ? Or start exploring by yourself ? You could always do both whether on a tight schedule or not. When on a tight schedule you could always find little time in between sight seeing and lunch/dinner/shopping and explore a little around where you are to stay. You shall find something or the other which means something to you : )
And when on nice long trips you anyway have so much time during which you can explore new places and yet find time to check out all that’s ‘well-known’ about the place.
More than anything not everyone wants to explore.Some are just not bothered, dont find it necessary to see more than what they’re shown. What appeals to one may not appeal to the other right ? Mom can’t ever have enough of landscapes and my sister on the other hand can’t stand it. So every time mumma stops to click a picture, which is practically every 30 seconds, my sister makes a face.

And this thing about pictures I just dont understand. Why do people keep clicking pictures ? You could always click a few pictures and live the moment so you’d atleast remember it when you think of it. Would a picture be able to match the feeling you felt when you were actually there ? Pictures are just a play of light and shadow.

I was sitting by the window in the apartment we were to stay in, in Interlaken (Switzerland) when I heard a bell and I immediately looked around to see where it came from. That’s when I spotted it. A beautiful looking castle, which is what it looked like at that time to me.It had barely been twenty minutes since we had stepped inside our apartment, and I decided to go have a look at that place. After getting dressed,I took my camera and set out on my journey to discover something new 😀 The distance wasn’t much. It looked far away,but was just five minutes away from where we were to live. Right behind our apartment I spotted a blue colour Beetle,the cutest car evvverrr. Okay I do make a big deal out of seeing a Beetle where ever I go. Its cute ! Come on.

The weather was beautiful, cold and pleasant. I know it will be difficult to explain how that weather makes me feel,which contributed to how this episode felt,but I have to try because I can’t not write about it. When I got close enough,I realized it was a church on top of a hill, and oh my god ! It looked so picture perfect.After climbing up the stairs,I walked towards the door but I couldn’t enter yet for I had seen the most breathtaking view ever. One side of the hill with the church on it faced the apartment ,and the other faced snow clad mountains and an ocean which was so clear that I could see the sky being reflected in it. And right in front of the door which turned out to be locked, was a huge tree. This place was so serene and breathtaking beautiful, all you could hear was the sound of the waves and the wind which felt peaceful. It was so beautiful, I couldn’t stop looking at it through my window or thinking about it until we left Interlaken inspite of having been there thrice. That day I made my trip to Heaven : )

Here are a few pictures of the church and the beauty around it which I clicked when I went there for the first time.

Such breaks are necessary from time to time because sometimes a change of scenery does wonders : ) If nothing, you can always daydream of going on such vacations. You shall feel rejuvenated by lunchtime surely.



Through Indecisive Decisions, I talk about those little things in life that most of us don't pay heed to. Any sea facing place, coffee and a book is all I need : )

One thought on “Plan B

  1. And what do you propose to do when the break gets over and you still do not want to go back to your mundane life? Thats whats happening to me right now!! ;-(

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