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Ties That Bind

There are certain people in our lives who stick no matter what. You might not share the best relationships with them, might even dislike them,but you can’t stop being there for them and vice versa. She/he might be the one you fight with for the remote control, the one who annoys you by asking you over and over what she should wear to a party later that night, could also be the one who calls you obsessively to know if you’re safe, what you’d like to eat for lunch and what time you’d be getting home. He could be the one who doesn’t want you staying out till late, who worries about you obsessively, thinks you are too small to deal with your life no matter how old you get, wants you to follow the safe path, no experimenting, the guaranteed path to success and if you’re a girl you’ve had it because every one of them worries that you’ll be assaulted, raped or kidnapped when you step out.

He/She is the one who fights for you every time you’re shouted at, who buys you cupcakes on the way back. Stands up for you when you’re not able to and loves you even at your ugliest. That’s your sibling.
She calls you to ask what you’d like to eat instead of making what she’d like to eat : ), all she’s ever doing is wanting whats best for you, she might not be thinking the way you do. She has her set of ideologies, that doesn’t make her senseless or even dumb. She’s just sticking by what she has grown up with, what she believes in and yet doing everything she can to catch and match up to your level. She is your mother.
He might be the one obsessively worrying about you, wanting you back home at a decent hour,always thinking about what the world thinks of you. He’s the same person who goes out there to fight for you every time you’re in trouble, who wants you to have the best of what is available. He might not say it but he loves you more than you’ll ever know. He’s your father : )

What they want from you,for you might not be what you want from yourself. Each of them have a different role to play. They have a different manner of thinking, different set of beliefs, ideologies causing a difference of opinion.
It might be difficult to come to a common agreement when everyone has a different way of looking at the world, but,
All you have to do is meet them somewhere in the middle. Because,no matter what, you’ll always be wanted, always be welcomed home by them.

And then there is extended family : )
We all have that amazing chance to bond with our extended family. Every one has that aunt who asks a mother whether her teen daughter has ‘grown’ yet, meaning if she’s got her period.And that uncle staying in The U.S. who’s always given a big list of things to buy for us before he comes for a visit. And some other people with whom we simply lose touch.
Some bonds start to fade overtime while others just get stronger.

And then there are some who we miss a lot when they just aren’t around any longer.
He would pinch one of us and pretend to not know what we’re talking about when we looked in his direction. He’d make the most perfectly shaped Diwali mithais, would demand for a foot massage from us kids and receive a pedicure as well. Would ask for more salt in practically every dish, and would settle for nothing except perfection.
He loved his safari suits – grey and cream, and would wear them at every occasion. Wanted to run to Panchgani at every opportunity he’d get and he’d never miss a cricket match. His glasses were The shit ! He had the most perfect handwriting ever and always left us all Happy Birthday messages.
Loved to play his harmonium and sing along with it.To the one person who’d shout “Taari Maani” : )
To that person who was extremely fond of and possessive of his stationery, like myself.
The head-of-the-family chair always belongs to only you.
Thank you so much Pappaji for holding that place in each of our lives.
I just wish we had spent more time with you : )
We wish you all the happiness where ever you are.
May your soul be resting in peace.
From all your loves ones,
Lavingias,Shahs and Kapasis.

Do not miss his glasses : )
Oh and that’s baby me in pink : )



Through Indecisive Decisions, I talk about those little things in life that most of us don't pay heed to. Any sea facing place, coffee and a book is all I need : )

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