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From the resident of a tiny bubble

Throughout my twenty years I’ve been told that I’ve lived in a world of my own. Always having been that girl who’d choose to spend some time with friends over practically everything else in the world, I realized much later how not everyone you count on counts on you too.

In fact there are such selected few people who’ll want to be there, who will want to stick around. They wont necessarily be able to make it every time you’d want to go out, they might not be able to get you some coffee (ice blended mocha from Coffee Bean only please ) every time you’ve had a bad day. But they will definitely be there no matter what on days you need them the most and when you need to bitch of course. Only recently i.e. in the last two years have I realized that you dont necessarily get along with someone your own age. Hah, half the people my age don’t even like me.

The age difference between two people doesn’t reAlly matter, it never did. I’ve spent the most amazing time with people who’ve been five to eight years elder to me and I realized that was because they let me be who I wanted to without having a view about everything I did and everything going around.  So what’s the harm in being choosy about the kind of people you want to hang out with when there are just two things you’re looking out for: To be able to decide who you want to be, what you want to be without anyone else having a say in it and to be accepted for the same.

There always will be those who will say you can’t as opposed to the ones who’ll say you won’t know unless you try ! : )
This post is for that person who gave me the courage to believe in myself. Thank you Esh ❤ 🙂

So yes, I probably have lived in my tiny little bubble, where I went from watching pointless sitcoms all day long, (and still do sometimes), reading only fiction because what’s the point of reading something which you get to see all around you anyway, not opening myself up to people closest to me, to someone who loves watching various things on tv ,Masterchef Australia especially, what with all that fooood <3, someone who reads waay more than just fiction : ) thanks to the ongoing Majors in Literature, and someone who couldn’t have been any closer to those selected few amazing people : )
Having lived in a bubble and still having grown so much 🙂
Whats the harm ,reely ?



Through Indecisive Decisions, I talk about those little things in life that most of us don't pay heed to. Any sea facing place, coffee and a book is all I need : )

2 thoughts on “From the resident of a tiny bubble

  1. These words ! They so portray the beauty of A little angel living in her tiny little bubble, with all her fantasies and dreams..
    Its a perfect blend of everything ! Well done miss ! 🙂

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