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In a second

People walk all over you. You get mad. You try to settle your nerves. It looks like it might rain.

And suddenly the world is a better place : )
Seriously, that’s all it takes.

You try so hard to get a grip on all that you feel, a thousand different ways to stop thinking about it, you try to sleep on it, over think, what not.
But it doesn’t really help, does it?

I found a solution today when I overheard someone say it’s going to rain. Instantly, I found myself looking at the sky and I couldn’t stop staring at it; wide-eyed through it all!
It was going to rain.
And that, was enough : )

It’s unbelievable how He makes everything better for everyone by just a change in weather!
You can’t ignore the wet mud smell, of course.

I know precisely where to look, the next time I’m not in the best of moods. Towards the sky : )
Surely there is some meaning in everything : )

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Same old


There it was! The time which once was 🙂

There are days where you’re just happy,  there’s no how, why and who. You’re simply happy because the day looks so good!

That feeling was felt very often back in school, when we didn’t get worked up over anything, when unknowingly we had the maturity to let things go.

That feeling came by today 🙂
There’s no question to be answered. Just a day to be lived.
For days like these, I could totally follow ‘Take one day at a time’ 🙂

We don’t smile without reason, they say. But we do!
Especially on days like these 🙂
I’ve had a smile pasted on my face ever since I noticed the pleasant beauuuuuutiful weather today, not to forget the absolutely chilled out day.

On days like these, nothing can go wrong 🙂
Petty issues of daily life don’t seem to matter at all.
That’s how such times make you feel.
Nothing matters 🙂

I hope you guys get to experience something so pure, at least once in a lifetime 🙂

As I sit here, in the bylanes of Matunga, smiling from ear to ear alll day, non stop, I’m thinking that 28th February, 2015 shall not be forgotten, for that’s the day when it felt the same 🙂

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Fat, soon to be fit.

They said it right! You won’t know how much fun it is unless you give it a shot.
Its fascinating how this applies to almost everything worth being and doing with our time.

Being fit was what I wanted all my life, but it took way too much effort, not to forget the dieting. No matter how nicely they try to frame it, eating right and healthy is called being on a diet. And that, is a big big big task for people like me.

Eat one little chocolate and the result of those 20 minutes of trying to run, which ends up with walking and jogging, goes right out of the window.
Not that I stop at just one chocolate, but you know what I mean.

But right now, when I sit to think about it, is trying to be fit the most difficult thing I’ve tried to do? Not really. It’s a task when you’re born with a horrible metabolism like mine, but its definitely not the most difficult thing I’ve had to do.

I ditched the gym today and went to the park instead and that’s when I realized how true it was.
It feels fantastic to run, with the wind hitting your face. The knowledge that this way of life is going to make you so fit. You realize how much you enjoy it only once you stop. The lack of it, makes you miss it and how!

I didn’t want to stop : ) It’s true, being fit is a way of life, an addiction you never want to get rid of.

After a month into fitness, I do get disappointed when I don’t see the result I want. I don’t feel like bothering with the workout on so many days.

Just remind yourself from time to time to be patient. Then, all you need is willpower and some faith!

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World over us.

In a world full of chaos and fraud, the need to spread a lot of love becomes greater everyday.

Its sad that we know this, yet choose to overlook it for our own selfish needs.
How then do we have the right to say, that we care about anything at all when we can’t even give this planet one tiny thing?

It doesn’t take a lot. All we need to do is make each other feel better, be with each other through thick and thin.

We only need to care.

They say, how we treat others is a direct indication to how we treat ourselves. Doesn’t that say something?

Spreading love becomes difficult only when we can’t look beyond personal gain.

When you need a hand, someone who makes you feel better, to pull you up, only that’s when realization steps in, that we need people as much as people need us.

Why? The fact that we notice people only after not finding them when we need them, because we haven’t been there for them in the first place, says enough and more about who we are.

And you know what’s worse? Nothing changes even after that.
Its funny how people know what the world needs, but no one wants to do what it takes.

What a shame!

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Being human in an inhuman place.

The world is a cruel place to live in.
We have things we hold close to us, but one can’t deny just how messed up this place is.

Living a meaningful life is probably the toughest thing you’ll have to do when you’re here.

No one wants you to be a fantastic human being. People don’t want to be loved. Because they’re incapable of doing either. They can’t accept what they can’t give.

Whatever you offer will not be appreciated or valued.
You will be treated like bull crap for being a good human, but you know something? Don’t stop being the best person you can be.

Most people you love, won’t love you back. In fact they’ll make you feel bad for being yourself.

The ones who do love you, won’t be around forever.
You won’t have it in you to stand back up, dust your bum and try to be as loving a person again, right from scratch.
But you’ve got to do it anyway.

Because courage is not the absence of fear, but the knowledge that something else is more important than fear.

The fear of not being loved in return, of not having the one you love around forever will come back to you every now and then. But this world needs people like you, who love with all their heart, for whom being a good person is the most important thing above all.

After being hurt innumerable times, being rejected by people over and over, you won’t believe this, but this world needs YOU.

Because darkness doesn’t drive out darkness, only light does that.
Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.

There aren’t too many people who understand what really matters, why we’re all here.

Be exactly the beautiful human you are today, because this world needs you.

More importantly, be what makes you happy because the day you look into the mirror, you want to be able to smile at yourself and know that you wouldn’t have done anything any other way.

The world will screw you over, but be the best person you can be, so that the day you look back, you’ll be proud of the person you’ve been all along.

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Do you like you?

We’re all running everyday, trying to keep up with people so that we belong somewhere.

We bend a little in the beginning, soon before we know it, we reach a point where we have nothing more to offer, we’re so spent : )

What is the point?
Changing who you are for anyone, so that you belong? Shouldn’t people like you for who you are?

The need for change comes into the picture when you feel that you’re not liked for who you are, by the people you want around you. If they had to like you, they would. By changing yourself into something that you think they want, you aren’t doing yourself any good.
You’re superb the way you are.

Because, what we fail to understand is; It’s not our fault if the one’s we want to be with, don’t like us. It’s not!
There’s no why, how, what can I do about it!
Some people will like you for who you are, without changing you.
Some won’t at all, whether you change to please them or not.

Only if we had an answer to everything, but we don’t.
There’s no point of hurting yourself by looking for why people don’t like you. And there’s no solution too.

Fat, thin, super skinny, it’s your choice, don’t let anyone else decide for you.
Whether you want to wear Ruby Woo or something else on your lips, don’t alter yourself for another person to please them. Because, probably they’ll like you with the changes you’ve made or they’ll continue to not like you, irrespective of what you’ve done to please them, you’re forgetting the main point, do you like you?

No one will know you better than you. Please yourself.
Wear bright lipstick if that’s what you like, put on sexy lingerie just for yourself for once.

You’re the only constant thing in your life, don’t you think you rather worry about whether you like you?

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Diwali :)

For years now, I didn’t understand why we’ve been celebrating Diwali. In India, festivals are celebrated like there’s no tomorrow.

How we celebrated Diwali during all these years didn’t make sense to me now – getting together with people you don’t like but have to meet, taking the effort of preparing sweets for guests, waking up early and decorating the house with all the decor bought in the year.

Being so excited to draw pretty rangolis and failing each time, lighting up the entrance to the house with a lot of diyas : )
Welcoming guests with so much enthusiasm, hating the loud noise but being in awe of the sky at the sight of the colourful fire crackers and bursting only the small crackers, because we were way too tiny for rocket bombs.

Diwali looked very different back then.
Once the brain started thinking about the why’s, nothing made sense again.
Why meet family we’re not fond of, pretend to be excited and paste on a smile, only to go home and start talking about the evening.

Why we burst crackers, waste so much electricity, because Lord Ram had returned to his kingdom all those years ago?

And trying to put your point of view across to family, ends up as just that, a point of view you’re supposed to keep to yourself.

After obsessing over the why’s for a couple of years, I realized that everything doesn’t have to make sense.

You can celebrate something without questioning the reason behind it, by celebrating it in the way you please. Because celebrations are a source of happiness. And Diwali is just that : )

Decorating the house because it makes you happy and not for the guests coming home.

Taking a break from a mundane life, from tv and too much thinking to dressing up in Indian salwars, putting up a lantern, decorating the verandah, eating a lot of sweets.

You’re asked to forget the wrong for a while and celebrate what’s right : )
What’s the harm in that?

Because we’re all struggling with something or the other every day.
Living in India gives us multiple occasions, where we put the worries aside and live in the moment, even if it’s for a few days.

Probably, Indians celebrate any festival with so much vigour because we’re all finding a way to just be happy, in spite of everything.

We’re looking for happiness in the little things in life : )

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Imperfections to perfections

I’ve told myself I am perfect quite often. I know you’ve done that too.
Then, I wanted to do everything I do, so perfectly, so properly, that I stopped doing altogether and started procrastinating on a scary level.

After very few blog posts written, even lesser books read, a million thoughts accumulated in my head, I realized that I’d been spending days and days, procrastinating.
And more so, I was scared of my thoughts not being good enough to be written about.

I was, I am scared of not living up to the title of a writer : )

As a writer, I’ve always been worried about two things. 
Not having something meaningful to write about, you know this one already.
And not being able to convey my message well.

After writing for two years, I now understand why I feel like I can’t stick to one topic when I’m writing a blog post. I haven’t been writing enough.
When you do nothing but procrastinate, you have so many thoughts in your head that are waiting to be put down on paper.
But not giving them a let out, only gives you a headache or a messed up article.

I figured that I needed to write, for my writing to not seem jumbled up and all over the place.

As I write right now, I’m worrying about this article not being good enough, being as jumbled up as all my previous ones.

I do want my writing to sound good to you, but more importantly, I want it to sound good to me. Only then do I know, that i’m doing a good job as a writer. If I’m not convinced by my words, I can’t expect you to be.

When we want something to be as perfect as we see it in our mind, we can’t just stand there and expect it to magically happen. We need to keep trying, for it to reach perfect.

And it is true, readers do make better writers.

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Life as we know it

We’re so used to turning to other people for  happiness. We’ve forgotten that at some point of time we will be alone. And that point in time will come way too many times than we think is possible : )

They, won’t be there to make you happy.
You will have to make do with just yourself for company on most days.
You will have to look for tiny nothings that make you smile, what is it about you, the qualities you possess which make you smile at yourself with pride.

Start with spending some time with yourself doing something you like, like reading a book, drawing creepy people, analyzing human behavior.
Sometimes, do nothing at all. Just breathe. Over analyze life, if that’s what you do. Just do what you love.

Do this while you still have people in your life so that you learn to maintain a balance between the world and your tiny world, so that on days when the world crashes, you’ve still got your world to go to, the one you’ve built for yourself.

The more time you spend with yourself, you discover how strong you are, how much it takes to break you, how you deal with a broken version of yourself, how you believe, how you cope.

You will get to know the unknown and probably sometime in the future you will realize that it was this knowledge that actually got you through the mess.

Don’t fear being alone. It’s what’s going to help you grow and get through anything at all.

You’re alone, not lonely.
You’ll know the difference soon enough.

Meanwhile, breathe in the smell of wet mud, take in the cool air and touch the earth with your bare feet.
And if possible. paint your house today : )